Google-- A Little History

The first concern the majority of people have is, "What the heck is a "Google?" It is a play on the word "googol," which is the mathematical figure 1 followed by 100 zeros. Depending on the level of your love for math, this is either the best or lamest name for a search engine. Regardless, the clever kids at Google have turned it into a cultural standard.

The Start

Larry Page and Sergey Brin co-founded Google in January of 1996, then called BackRub. The boys were in the early twenties and classic computer geeks. Sergey was born in Moscow, alum of the University of Michigan and going to Stanford. Larry was designated to be his guide. Throughout this go to, they clearly hit it off or today no one would give a hoot about connecting strategies.

Although 2 men and the name "BackRub" may raise some questions, the name actually referred to an approach for producing online search engine rankings. Particularly, the BackRub search engine was created to analyze the "back links" to a website. Although BackRub established a following with those in the know, nothing much happened for a few years.


Similar to the majority of brand-new businesses, the young boys required some major money. The brass at Yahoo was interested, but at first passed. Sun Microsystems, of all business, supplied an answer. Andy Bechtolsheim was one of the creators of Sun and, hence, had the required deep pockets. $100,000 later on, the brand-new search engine business was on the method to stardom.

A New Call

As legend has it, BackRub became Google for a rather humorous factor. Obviously, Bechtolsheim mistakenly made the $100k check out to "Google, Inc." You can make your own guess as to which one of the kids said, "Hey, I have a concept for a new name." In September of 1998, Google opened a little workplace in Menlo Park, California. The rest, as they say, is history.

Today, Google is based in Mountain View, California. Google prefers e-mail interaction, however you can get a live voice by calling (650) 623-4000. If you really want to speak with them, decline a charge from the company on the charge card you use for Adwords. They will contact you pretty rapidly!

The business went public in 2004 [Symbol: GOOG] and has a stock worth of around $250 per share. Larry and Sergey are sickeningly rich. One can assume that Andy Bechtolsheim is also doing all right.

The Future

In the last year approximately, Google has actually definitely received its fair share of criticism. PageRank is almost worthless in relation to ranking in search results. At the time of this writing, PageRank hasn't worked for three days, which implies a modification, shuffle, dance or whatever you want to call it is coming.

On the competition front, things are a bit dirty. It seems a week does not pass without a patent lawsuit being filed versus the company. MSN and Yahoo have started to raise the level of competition and more will be coming. Google's reliance on AOL as a traffic source is likewise a bit troubling provided the continuous loss of market share by the company that almost brought Time Warner down. Gmail is dogged by patent problems, not to mention concerns about violations of the privacy of users. All and all, things are not as rosy compared to a few years back, however they can barely be called bad.

Your guess is as good as mine when it comes to forecasting if Google will become simply another online search engine. Personally, I think it will, but not because of any of the above. Rather, the advancement of the Internet suggests there will be a next "big thing." Who understands, maybe Google will get a Grub [] in its Nutch []